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Real Estate

Prodigy works with individual investors and companies to take care of their real estate portfolios, including acquisition, leasing, property management and setting up private REITs. Property types include multi-residential, office, retail and mixed-use buildings.



Franchising is an unique industry that covers almost all kinds of businesses.  Many franchisors are good in doing the  business that they franchise out, but they are not good in the business of franchising.  We help franchisors establish, improve and expand their franchise operations.




Customer journey, inventory control, retail rents, costing and online stores are the common challenges that traditional retailers face. We help retailers optimize their process, enhance their image, increase their competitiveness and minimize their cost.




We help companies improve efficiency, effectiveness and security using technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. We also advise different entities, including artists, how to digitalize their products and services to take the advantage of technologies in promoting their business.






Many franchisors lose their reputation by making a careless mistake and many retailers lose their revenue by overlooking a simple logic.  We can tell you how to fix it.


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