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We help clients to obtain and compile relevant information that they require.  Through the process, we also assist clients to explore their underlying needs.  By utilizing the information, custom and competent diagnoses are performed to help our clients solving the problems.



Feng Shui

Whenever we have to utilize some space, we should optimize the use of it and use it to improve our health and luck.  This is the basic principle of Feng Shui.  We help corporations optimize space utilization by scientific methods together with the philosophy of Feng Shui.  Prodigy is the first consulting firm and maybe the only firm that applies Feng Shui to assist the clients to maximize their benefits in space usage.



It will be great if we can simply open a door, step on the other side and then we can be in any place in the world or back to any moment in the past.  There are many great ideas, but not all of them are practical enough to be implemented.  Prodigy will make sure that the solutions we proposed are feasible, and we will implement them for our clients to make sure that not only can they be carried out, but also to their fullest.


Doing the right thing and doing the thing right are both important, and we do more than that.  We help businesses finding new and better ways of doing things to improve their operations by embracing digital technologies, streamlining the flows, uncovering overlooked competitive edges and realizing savings across different categories.


With in-depth and versatile knowledge of the business world, we are able to assist clients in choosing the best strategy to achieve their goals.  We are the expert in helping our clients expand their business with innovative ideas, increase their venue with new markets and products, and cut costs without laying off any employees or reducing their competitiveness.






By changing the colour of chattels and fixtures, the floor plan, even just the layout, we may change the behaviour of your customers so that it can bring you a more successful business.


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