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Knowledge is the key to open the door of success, and Prodigy Consulting is one who holds the key to open the door for you.  We lead the others by knowing better and sooner on the subject matter through our own research and study.  Through the years, we have done different kinds of research that prepare us to help our clients to solve their unique problems.






Partnership  A relationship that franchisors should avoid

RFID How can it be better used?

WYSIWYG What you say is what you get

Excessive Expansion The cause of failure of giants

Lease A document to protect, control and earn

Earnout A financing, a guarantee and also an extra income

Robot Eats How artificial intelligence can help the food industry Japan One of the top three markets to explore

A New Business Model A well-mixed capitalism and communism idea

Dining Menu How variety affects sales and profit








We do not resell similar reports to multiple clients as "custom work," and we do not charge our clients for the reports that we have done in the past, even it has not been used by any clients.


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