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Prodigy Consulting helps business owners and franchisors who want to expand their operations, explore overseas markets, reduce operating costs, and maintain their business in a sustainable way.



Most retail merchants require leasing space to run their business. Unfortunately, many business owners and franchisors, regardless of their size, do not know the proper leasing process. They either pick wrong locations, wrong sizes, or agree to disadvantageous terms in their leases.



Most franchisors know the business that they have franchised out well.  However, many of them are not aware of the tricks in franchising and consequently make fatal mistakes.  Franchising is more than just promoting the brand or running the business on a bigger scale.




We have free reports that help our clients to better understand the market trends and we have prospective buyers from overseas and in Canada for the suitable business and franchise.  Contact us for details.




We are small, but we are professional!


Prodigy Consulting is renowned for its expertise and excellent customer services, not by revenue, number of employees or transactions.


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